Membership Campaign


Understanding your membership timeline will help hold you accountable to your goals. Having an understanding of how often you should retest your InBody or set new goals will help you stay on track. There are two different membership tracks with slightly different benchmark goals.

  1. Our 6 Week Membership
  2. 6 Month Membership


The 6 Week Membership is our jumpstart into training at LIV Athletic. The 6 weeks are highly focused on nutrition and consistency of training. Each week, it is expected that you come to 3 classes and send in a progress picture. On top of that, there are new nutritional expectations weekly as well

Week 1 – This is the kick off week and time to get your baseline health and performance markers via an InBody and Baseline. The nutritional focus of week 1 is to read over the Nutritional Jump Start guide and get your macros from Coach Steph.

Week 2 – We strive to create one new habit at a time so it is sustainable. Week 2 is all about Calories. You can look at your macros, but don’t get too bogged down by the numbers, just focus on getting within +/- 100 calories of your goal per day. It is also time to register for the next Food For Foel discussion.

Week 3 – Now that you have the hang of how much you should be eating we are going to start tracking other nutrient needs. The goal of week 3 is to stay within your calorie range while eating less than 30g of sugar per day.

Week 4 – Last week was probably tough, but now you are probably a pro at Calories and learned a lot about what is in your food when tracking your sugar. This week try to get within +/-5g of protein while still staying under 30g of sugar and within your calorie goal.

Week 5 – Carbohydrates are the most confusing when trying to find high-quality sources so make sure you go back to your Nutrition Jump Start guide if you need a refresher. This week the goal is to get within +/-5g of carbohydrates while still staying in your goal range for protein and calories and under 30g of sugar per day.  This week you should also schedule your inBody and Baseline test out for week 6. YOU ARE ALMOST THERE!!

Week 6 – Time to put it all together! The goal this week is to stay within +/- 5g of Fats while reaching your protein, carbohydrate, and calorie goals while staying under 30g of sugar per day! This is test out week! Cannot wait to see how you did!


The 6 Month Membership is our lifestyle membership. This is where you fine tune your habits and learn how to live your best life. Program options vary based on personal goals, but athletic development, nutrition, and accountability towards your goals are a constant for every program. Here is how we suggest you make the most out of your membership:

First, Come to as many skills clinics as possible. Even if they seem basic or a skill you already know. You will always leave with a new nugget of information, and going back to the basics will always move you forward.

Month 1 – Schedule an Inbody and complete the Athletic Development and Goals Worksheet. This is the starting ground for all goal crushing 🙂 Based on your goals worksheet we can help you tackle your nutrition or learn how to do a muscle up, your primary coach just needs a starting ground to work from.

Month 2 – Based on your goals you will be assigned accessory work. This can look like pre-class homework to improve your range of motion, post-WOD homework to focus on a particular skill or nutritional guidance.

Month 3 – Every quarter we want you to schedule a new Inbody to track your progress and to keep you accountable to your goals.

Month 4 – Work on your accessory work

Month 5 – You should be finishing up your Goals Accessory work and re-testing to determine the next course of action.

Month 6 – Time to schedule another Inbody! At the end of the 6 months, you will have the option to renew or upgrade your membership and start the process over again with a fresh focus and set of goals.