Why Do You Workout?

  1. “I want to look good naked and be proud of what I see in the mirror.”
  2. “I want to feel good and have more energy.”
  3. “This is my sport.”

There are many reasons why someone works out, and no matter what it is, it’s a defining factor in determining if we actually get our butts moving.

In all honesty, working out used to be a way for me to accomplish “numero uno” on that list… I wanted to like the girl in the pictures my friends were always wanting to take. I wanted to look good at the pool and the beach. But, in all honesty, I wasn’t going to the gym that often and didn’t feel truly motivated.

After finding a place that I’ve been able to be consistent at, I know my effective why: “I want to have fun with my friends.” It seems so simple now.

My gym is not only the place where I go to get stronger and faster, but also the place where I’m happier. I come to see friends and working out just happens. I’ve also realized something, numbers 1 and 2 on the list happened naturally as part of the process once I started enjoying fitness.

I challenge you to find your “Why” statement!