8 Week Program

Toes to bar are a high skill movement that require both upper body and core strength combined with a strong gymnastics kip. The following program is designed to develop core and upper body strength while working on progressions to fine tune your kip swing. 

Before starting the 8 week program test your current toes to bar level. Setup a camera or have a friend video you doing a max set of unbroken toes to bar (or scaled variation of toes to bar). Keep your video in a safe place or email it to your primary coach so you can see your strength and technique improve over the 8 weeks. 

The below program can be done before or after class, but not back to back. Make sure you give your body a break in between sessions. 


Upon completing the 8 weeks, complete the same test you did on day 1 of the program. Set up a camera or have someone video you doing a max set of toes to bar and compare your results to day 1.

If you have any questions about the movements, please see one of the LIV Coaches.