Membership Campaign

Do You Have A Growth Mindset?

LIV Athletic is like a school. Every day you attend class you fine-tune your abilities to do incredible things you didn’t know possible.  Through practice and patience, a daily routine shapes your body and forges a stronger more confident mindset. A growth mindset.

Having a growth mindset not only means to be hungry for learning and knowledge, but to take action with the newly found perspective.

This is why we offer “extra credit” for those seeking lessons and tips for living a more active and socially connected life.

To us, class is a metaphor for real life. It has the capacity to teach you things that you can continue to practice throughout the day. Things like hard work, goal setting, adapting, never quitting, managing expectations, learning about your potential, self-confidence, and strength, and so much more. These character traits are learned in the gym but practiced in life.

To encourage personal growth in and outside of the gym, we have a few platforms to assist:

  1. Blogs – Our blogs discuss various topics from Nutrition to Mindset and provide a fresh perspective and awareness.
  2. Podcasts – The LIV Athletic Show gives us the platform to dig deeper on topics related to lifestyle, health, and fitness. Our podcast also allows us to reach outside our four walls and get the input of local professionals in their field.
  3. Members Group – This is a private group for members only. It is a platform for members and coaches to share their journey, ask questions, and learn about what is going on in our community. So if you are not already in this group, please join the fun!
  4. Events & Socials – Every month we try to get everyone out of the gym and meeting people from other class times. This can be a movie night, cypress & grove social, tailgate, or beach trip. Make sure you are paying attention to the calendar of events so you can come hang with us!
  5. Skills Clinics – Every month we host a free skills clinic to give one movement 110% focus for an hour. Expect to see things like – double unders, rope climbs, rowing, pull-ups, and even swimming on the list.
  6. Seminars – The first Wednesday of every month we host a Food for Fuel seminar where we discuss nutrition and topics related to living a more nutritious lifestyle.
  7. Accessory Programs – If there is an area of health or fitness you are working on, we have a systematic program to help you reach your goals. Reach out to your primary coach to get more info on our range of motion, strength, and skill programs.