Time and time again I hear from members, coaches, drop-ins, and visitors the same simple remark, “Something about this place is just different!”. What sounds so simple as a statement becomes an extremely difficult question to answer. My immediate go to response is, “Well, it’s just something you have to experience”. But this week I wanted to challenge myself to put the “LIV Difference” into words…

So, what is the LIV difference?

The short answer to the question posed is quite simple: It’s the people!


At face value LIV Athletic is a gym, a big building with a whole lot of fitness equipment where people come, at first, in hopes of getting a great workout. Believe me, those people get what they came looking for and whether they knew it or not, a whole lot more. Of course we believe in giving people amazing workouts but honestly, more times than not that’s the easy part. The real passion lies is in changing people’s lives.

Our mission statement at LIV Athletic is simple, we want to inspire people to live active and socially connected lives. Like I said before it’s about so much more than just making sure people get a good workout, what we really do is provide a support system in which people can make meaningful change to their lifestyle. So what is it about LIV Athletic that can inspire someone to make such a difficult change when so many things in modern society pull them the other way?

I’ll say it again, it’s the people!

It’s the police officer who comes in at the end of a difficult shift but still cheers for everyone else until his lungs are sore. It’s the single mom who comes in to work on herself for an hour in midst of always taking care of others. It’s the coach who wants to be nowhere else in the world than with their athletes even at the end of a 12 hour day. It’s the person that comes in for the first time scared out of their mind but somehow summons up the courage to step through the door. Each individual member of the community makes this place what it is. We are exponentially greater as a community than the sum of our individual parts.

LIV Athletic is a community, dare I say a family, where people of all different backgrounds and life situations come together to improve themselves and their quality of life in a way that no one person could do on their own. It’s a support system, a place where no matter what else is going on in your life you can come in and feel uplifted by those around you. That’s the LIV difference!