Do I need to workout before coming to the gym?


So you’re trying to get in shape. Whether that be . . .

– losing weight
– gaining muscle
– increasing stamina
– or a combination of those, or something else

BUT. . . what’s really been on your mind is, “How can I do this?”’ Maybe you thought about Crossfit and then thought, “That’s intense. I should do a little something before going there.” So now you’re thinking about maybe going for walks everyday, lifting weights at a gym, Google-ing a couch-to-5K program, or something else.

Welp, I’ve got one more thought for you, and it isn’t a maybe.

Call your local Crossfit gym.

“It’s a healthy day at LIV Athletic. Alex speaking.” And from there I am happy to answer any questions you have as well as tell you information about us that you may not even think to ask about.

We have a spot for you. We recognize that people have different goals and are at different points in their fitness life, so we have options.

Sweat is for those of us who:

1) Want to start a regular fitness routine because we haven’t ever done much exercise or because we find ourselves a bit “out-of-shape” and want to build back up.


2) Have looked into CrossFit (whether it be reading or watching videos) and are nervous.

CrossFit is tailored with two programs:

HEALTH is for those of us new to the crossfit lifestyle whereas PERFORMANCE is for someone with a bit more of a foundation already built. Both classes will be fun (in the most workout-filled sense of the word) while also bringing their own flare to the crossfit game.

Personal Training is for overcoming fitness barriers.

We each have something we want/need to work on (strength gains, corrective movements, etc.) and sometimes it’s best to get one-on-one help.

Whether you’re a newbie to the fitness world, an exercise enthusiast, a crossfit veteran, or someone looking for something to do, we’ve got something that you can start immediately.

Come in to workout, leave with a smile.