Movement Enhancement Program

 “Life is movement. The more life there is,the more flexibility there is. The more fluid you are, the more you are alive!”- Arnaud Desjardins

I came across the above quote and I thought it captured the essence of my training philosophy. Movement is so much more than ‘exercise’. Dr.Andreo Spina, founder of FRC, states that exercise is a human invention designed to allow us to compensate for the fact that we are not living the way we are supposed to.

Your body was designed to hike, hunt, fight,crawl, lift, throw, jump,run, bend, flex, extend, rotate, etc. The monotonous movement and technological driven society today has totally disrupted our primal instincts and genetic make up. Most people view exercise as a chore that must be done in order to burn excessive calories consumed over the weekend or a task needed to be completed in order to build muscle. As a human, this is a negligent mindset. Yes of course exercise can result in all those outcomes, but it is ‘intentional’ movement that truly allows one to utilize the body to its full potential.

The movement enhancement program that I have implemented, although a structured program designed to enhance body function, it is no substitution for proper training, and monitoring of form during workouts. It is simply a routine to increase ‘intention’ during training. It will not work if you just go through the motions. But if you intentionally ‘feel’ what is going on with your body when you do the prescribed movements, your body will grant you more mobility and stability.

Most of the movements are prehab exercises or activation exercises to prepare you for the up coming work out. On the other hand some of the movements are exercises that combat the toll of imbalances that the sport of crossfit and everyday life can present.

Every sport presents some kind of imbalances, it is during training or accessory work that you must address them or else injuries happen and ain’t no body got time for dat!

There are 3 phases of the program with each subsequent phase being more progressed and complex than the previous. The general focus is to master each exercise in each phase before progressing to the next phase. This means if you have to repeat a phase then that’s what you have to do. Quality over quantity!

I encourage everybody who is reading this to explore your body’s ability to move. This means even though there are certain movements prescribed in the program, don’t limit your body to just that. See if you can twist up a movement or do it a different way, or just add your own little movements that feel good or look cool. There is no wrong way to move. There is only optimal and suboptimal when it comes to movement and even then that mostly refers to ‘movement under load.

Obviously you don’t want to do anything that causes pain or that will jeopardize an injury, but move freely. Explore your body, be fluid, be alive!! Happy training!