Our Story

Why LIV Athletic?

Late in 2015 we realized our vision for our athletes and our community extended beyond a

challenging WODs and Olympic lifting. That led us to expanding our company and creating LIV

Athletic. It was the next step in our mission to create active and socially connected lives for our



To realize how far we’ve come, let’s go back to the beginning: CrossFit Gainesville started in

2008 with just 1500 square feet of floor space, 4 barbells, 2 wallballs and a handmade pull-up

rig. We were the 500th affiliate and the first ever in Gainesville, FL. (To put that in perspective,

there are now over 12,000 affiliates!) CrossFit Gainesville was a tremendous success and we

eventually knocked down the walls to create 3,000 square feet of space for the athletes.

Throughout the journey with CFG it became apparent that this style of fitness is so much more

than a challenging WOD and heavy lifting. It is a lifestyle.



CrossFit and the community it fosters are unlike any other. We have seen people transform

their life and influence the people around them with CFG. However, some people were not

interested CrossFit program but still wanted to take themselves on with challenging workouts

and the support of a tight-knit community. We realized there was an opportunity to create

more channels in our gym for people to join our team to develop basic strength and

conditioning and be involved in the community!



With that in mind, we developed three other programs to facilitate almost any goal and training

style preference. To compliment our CrossFit programs, we launched FitCamp, Sweat and

Personal Training. This offered our members several programs to best meet their goals, all

under one roof, all with an energetic and supportive atmosphere.

With the addition of our new programs we are one large step closer to living our vision of

creating a community that is centered around living active and socially connected lives. Our

commitment to our members is to build lifestyles that support people in all aspects of their

lives. We all hold health and fitness as a priority in our lives, but we do so much more than

“exercise.” We train for life and we enjoy the process. And through the sweat, laughs

challenges, we create powerful and inspiring results.



I personally thank you for being such a valued member of our community. Your continued

support and hard work allow us to live our dream and continue to support people in creating

the life of their dreams. Now let’s get get moving and start living!


Chris Thorndike & Stephanie McCarthy