How to maximize your membership

LIV Athletic goal setting and accountability allows you to tap into so much more than your workout of the day. At LIV Athletic we build lifestyles and that requires attention outside of class. The workouts are where it all begins, but there is so much more to a healthy lifestyle than exercise:
– Nutrition
– Time Management
– Social Engagement
– Continued Education
– Accessory Training Programs
– Mindset
– Consistency
We encourage every athlete to take advantage of the full spectrum of a healthy lifestyle.

Coaching is full spectrum at LIV Athletic. That means the quality of coaching you recieve during class is the same off the floor. Your workout is only 1 hour of the day. There are still 23 other hours that influence your progress towards your goals, and we want to coach you through the nitty gritty!

In the first week of your membership you will be asked to share your goals. Most goals are related to nutrition and/or skill development within the gym, and because there are so many starting levels we need help in understanding not only your goals, but your starting point both education and skills wise in various areas – nutrition, movement proficiency, lifestyle goals, etc. . .

To help us help you, you will need to complete the following upon starting or renewing your membership:
1. Get an InBody Scan
2. Read the Nutrition Handbook
3. Share your SMART goals
4. Attend a Food for Fuel clinic

  1. Get an InBody Scan
    The InBody Scan is a great tool for both fat loss and muscle gain. It will help your coach establish a nutrition plan suited for your goals. We suggest getting an InBody Scan every 6-9 weeks. You can schedule an appointment for your InBody Scan HERE.
    ** Remember, NO FOOD OR DRINKS before coming in for your scan.
  2. Use our Nutrition Handbookto assit you in creating a SMART goal and action steps. Share it with your PC so you can get on the same page and create the best suited plan for YOU. The Nutrition Handbook was emailed to you when you signed up. If you need a copy, email your primary coach 🙂
  3. Attend a Food for Fuel clinic
    The food for fuel clinic is designed to cover the basics of nutrition, macros, and the lifestyle behaviors related to eating healthy. The second half of the clinic will be reserved for a roundtable discussion to chat about any obstacles people are facing. You can attend any of the sessions as often as you would like throughout your membership. Reserve your spot HERE.

– Attendance Accountability
– Nutrition Guidance
– Events
– Free Skills Clinics
– Accessory Training Programs
– Workout Tracking

Attendance Accountability
If you are missing in action for more than 5 days you will hear from us. We are a school of fitness with the intent to teach you habits that are sustainable through life, and we believe that exercise should be just as important and normal in your day to day as eating.

Nutrition Guidance
After you schedule your inbody and fill out your goals worksheet, your coach will have a better understanding of your goals and how to set you up for success in the nutrition arena. Make sure you are taking advantage of all of the nutrition tools:
1. Inbody Scan (every 90 days)
2. Food for Fuel Seminars
3. Wellness Membership Option – get personalized meal plans, and one on one coaching from our Nutrition and Health Coach Stephanie.
4. Download the Nutrition Tracking Software – MyFitnessPal or HSN if you are in the wellness program
5. Read your Nutrition Handbook

We host a variety of events every month that you and your family and friends can participate in. You can expect everything from potlucks and field days to skills clinics and specialty classes. Check out our events page to see what is coming up and how to RSVP.

Skills Clinics
Every month we will host a free skills clinic to give you the opportunity to focus on one area of training that you want to improve in. Here are some things you can expect to see: Food for Fuel (nutrition), Rope Climbs, Pull-ups, Running technique, Barbell work, Mindset, and more.

Accessory Training Programs
Is your goal to get your first pull-up or run a mile? We have accessory training programs that you can work on before or after class to help you advance towards your fitness goals outside of class time. Your goals worksheet will help your coach identify what programs are right for you.

Workout Tracking
The best way to track your progress is through tracking your workouts. Not only does it store all your workouts and weight lifted, but our programming team uses the data to make adjustments to the program based on your performance. Download the Zen Planner App for iPhone or Android to start tracking your workouts today!