LIV Athletic’s Youth Empowerment Program

Roughly one year ago we kicked off our Youth Empowerment Program, LIV Active, and what an amazing journey it has been. Since then it has grown rapidly and now we’re proud to say we have expanded the age group to include ages 14-18! The Varsity Squad.

Our Teens program embodies all of our foundational principles. We are a character driven, level based, youth fitness program. Our primary goal is to develop our teens into compassionate and thoughtful individuals with the utmost integrity. Our secondary goal is to develop every student into a well rounded athlete no matter where they start. It’s through our physical training that we begin to forge and fine-tune our character.

Now this is no ordinary after school fitness program. We run a level based system, similar to that of a martial arts school. We work with our youth just like any other athlete. From day one they have a road map and direction to their training. Instead of belts, we have shirts. Nothing in our program is given, everything is earned.

In today’s world most of our teens are exposed to so much information and it can honestly be overwhelming. I, myself, found CrossFit as a teenager seeking to get into shape. We want to help as many teens as possible navigate through this sea information that is out there. We seek to teach a healthy and balanced lifestyle alongside safe, effective, and fun training techniques.

At LIV Athletic we have a saying when it comes to coaching, “give them the best hour of their day,” the same goes for our teens in LIV Active. It is my mission for this program to be a “home away from home.” I want LIV Active to be a catalyst for the growth and development of our youth in our amazing community. This is the program I searched for as a teenager and couldn’t find. I can’t promise what we do will be easy but I can promise that it will be worth it, so come on in, and give the Varsity Squad a shot.