The Relationship Between Your Lifts

We all want to get stronger, I mean who doesn’t? It’s fun! But how do we make sure we are getting stronger in a balanced way?

One of your most powerful lifts is your back squat. The front squat transfers over to many other lifts, including the Olympic lifts. It’s important to make sure the strength of the back squat can transfer to the front squat, and the strength in the front squat can transfer to some of our other lifts. This is the same with your pressing overhead and your Olympic lifts. You don’t want to get caught up on one side of lifting and forget about the other side.

Here are a few percentages to find out if you have any areas for improvement:

Front squat = 85% of back squat
Clean and Jerk = 85% of front squat
Deadlift = 110% back squat

Strict press = 60% jerk
Push press = 75% jerk
Jerk = 105% clean and jerk

Olympic lifts:
Snatch = 80% of clean and jerk
Power snatch = 85% snatch
Power clean = 85% clean


There are a few things that can influence how close we are to our percentages here.

One of the biggest influences is technique, especially in the Olympic lifts. If you are not as efficient as possible in your lifts you are leaving a lot on the table. Yes, this includes your mobility. If you can’t comfortably go through the full range of motion, you can’t reach your full potential in that lift. Cleaning up your technique can give you a big jump in your numbers.

Another big factor that can influence your percentages is the stability of your joints. The fix to this problem is making accessory work KING! Slowing things down and working on the stability of all your joints to make sure that they can support the heavyweight you’re trying to lift will make those lifts stronger and more successful!

The third factor on all of these lifts is the amount of time you’ve spent practicing them. Not in the sense that you took 10 minutes today to work with an empty barbell (which is important, good job!) but more in the long-term sense. These movements can be intricate and complex. It takes a long time to get comfortable enough underneath a bar to see the full potential of what your body can do. If you’re new to this, give it some time and be patient, the gainz are coming!

And as always, don’t get too hung up on the percentages. They’re just numbers. The biggest focus is always the way you move over how much weight you move. If you move as well as you can the weights will go up, but never the other way around.