You completed your Level Test . . . Now What?

Let’s review the reason to partake in level testing to begin with:

Why YOU should participate:
1. Test your current skill level
2. Uncover weaknesses in your training through one of the 4 domains of a balanced athlete (ROM, Strength, Skill, Capacity)
3. Goal setting
4. Have fun & surprise yourself !!

Why the COACHES want you to participate:
1. Programming Direction: It allows our programming team to test the results of the last quarter as well as decipher what areas need more focus for the upcoming quarter.
2. Class Levels: Allows our coaches to help progress athletes through the various levels of training. For example, moving from Sweat to Health or Health to Performance.
3. Feedback & Goal Setting: We have particular goals for our athletes, and the Level Tests are a great way to highlight the areas we can help you!
4. Quality: Level testing is a test for the coaches as much as it is for the athletes, it is an evaluation of our coaching quality and impact on our athletes results.

To learn more about the Level Testing process and see the actual tests go HERE

Once you have completed one of the Level Tests here is what to do:

1. Log Your Results
Immediately following your test, log your results in the Zen Planner App. If you need help, please ask a coach. These are YOUR results so make sure you log them if you want to refer back to them next time around. The coaching team is not responsible for your results.

2. Did you pass?
Answer = Yes
Congratulations, that is fantastic! Time to take your results to your coach and talk about what’s next!

Answer = No
I bet you still surprised yourself on a few things. Take your results to your primary coach to talk about how to improve in some areas. Consistency is key. Next time level testing comes up, you may just surprise yourself with the results!