LIV Active: Empowering Discipline

In today’s world our kids are surrounded by so many tablets, phones, gizmos, and gadgets that provide instant satisfaction. Our youth struggle with focus especially when it comes to achieving a goal that is far in the future. In our Youth Empowerment Program, LIV Active, we place a high emphasis on self-discipline, the ability to sacrifice short-term satisfaction for long-term goals.

We use a level based shirt system, very similar to the belt system in martial art schools, both to track and encourage progress, a strong work ethic, and character growth. On the back of every shirt there is a list of “Star Tests” which our kids are constantly training to achieve. Some stars come easy, such as holding a plank for 30 seconds; others are extremely challenging such as holding your chin over a pull-up bar for 30 seconds.

This is where our emphasis on discipline comes in. From the moment our kids start in our program the expectation is set that not every star comes easy and will often require multiple attempts in conjunction with continued practice and training for that strength or skill. Our kids quickly learn that the most satisfying stars are the ones that required the greatest effort, determination, and discipline to achieve.

This is the beauty of our program. We do not focus solely on achievement, but the effort and character shown in pursuit of achievement. In turn these virtues such as self-discipline begin to affect the other areas of our kid’s lives. This discipline soon becomes a tool our kids use to tackle their studies and in turn they earn better grades.

We are a youth fitness program but our main focus is helping our kids become the best people they can be. Self-discipline is only one of the character traits we practice daily with our kids in this pursuit.