5 Week Program

The Handstand Pushup program is designed to build the strength needed to do handstand pushups. The cycle is 5 weeks long and has 5 phases per training day:

Prehab – Prime your upper body for the work ahead

Stability – A strong shoulder needs both strength and stability. This phase will build up the small muscle groups to ensure you have good shoulder health to complete HSPU’s safely.

Push Power – Teach your fast twitch muscle fibers to produce force quickly as you build strength.

Push Strength – Inprove your absolute push strength.

The Prehab and Stailbity sections are to be completed as their own unit. The Push Power and Push Strength is intended to be done together in alternating fashion (C1. C2.). The blocks are written by day meaning you will do Day 1, Week 1, then Day 2, Week 1, and so on. If you are taking classes, please listen to your body and spread otu the 3 days over a 7-10 day.

5 Week Handstand Pushup Program

Day 1:

Day 2:

Day 3:



Movement Tutorials:
Banded Facepulls
Banded Anti-Extension Hold
Banded Anti Rotation Hold
Bent Arm Pull Aparts
Clapping Pushups
FLR Holds
Handstand Hold 
Handstand Hold Shoulder Taps
Handstand Pushup Negatives
Pull Aparts
Push Jerks
Strict Press
SA DB Seated Press
Vertical MB Throws