How to look great and feel even better!

My journey started as a quest to heal, or at the very least begin to heal my autoimmune disorder (hashimotos), but it did so much more…

After only the first week, my energy was up, and my mood changed. For many of us, we like feeling good, but unfortunately it is not a good enough motivator to keep us on track. The aesthetic or performance changes are the ones that seem to really stick out. BUT, I promise if you stick to the plan for at least 30 days, you will start to see some incredible changes. The 30-40 day mark is where it all started for me:

About 40 days into the process I saw:
– Increased Energy
– Increased Focus

My expectations going into this or at least my hopes were to have energy again to simply get through a day without the mental fog or depression swings. What I did NOT expect was the aesthetic changes. . . at least not the results I got. After about 40 days something switched in my body and the fat started dropping off. I didn’t have a whole lot to lose, and until the fat started melting off, I didn’t realize how inflammed/puffy my body was.

Over the 90 days, friends started to really take notice, ask what exactly I was doing, and supporting me every step of the way. So, I decided to lay out EXACTLY what I did. BUT before we get down to the nitty gritty, there is something that MUST happen no matter what. . .

You have to eat enough food! On elimination programs, it gets challenging to say the least, sometimes the options in front of you are not easily understood. No matter what, make sure you are getting an adequate amount of calories to fuel your life and your performance. Throughout this plan, I stayed between 1800-2000 calories/ day. Typically my macros were around %55 Fats, 20% Protein, and 25% Carbohydrates (Fruits & Veggies).

The 90 days was broken up into 3 phases:
– Liver Support
– Adrenal Support
– Gut Support

Each phase had a different set of guidelines to follow:


2 weeks
The purpose behind starting with the liver is that it is the main detoxifying organ, and when it is congested, it leads to a greater buildup of toxins which can create new symptoms, or worsen the ones already present. When I say symptoms, these do not have to be large symptoms, many ended up being so small I didn’t even recognize them until they were gone.

Food Guidelines:
NO: Soy, Sugar, Dairy, Caffeine, Alcohol

4 weeks
The adrenals and thyroid have an interactive feedback loop, and an imbalance in adrenal hormones can exacerbate thyroid issues and symptoms. A lot of people struggle with adrenal issues due to lack of sleep and environmental stressors in our everyday life.

Food Guidelines:
NO: Soy, Sugar, Dairy, Caffeine, Alcohol, No Hot Peppers, Legumes, Seaweed, Ghee

6 weeks
Gut permeability is a factor in all autoimmune disorders, behind many allergies, and other ailments.

Food Guidelines:
NO: Grains, Soy, Sugar, Dairy, Caffeine, Alcohol, No Hot Peppers, Legumes, Seaweed, Ghee, Nightshades, Nuts, Seeds, Eggs

This was by far the hardest phase. After 2 weeks, I was really struggling to get enough calories so I started to re-introduce eggs and almonds back into my diet (one at a time) to see how my body responded. Thankfully they did not make me feel better or worse so I added them back in sparingly for the remainder of the process.


The only time I swayed from the plan is during the final 6 weeks after reintroducing eggs, nuts, and occasional nightshades back into the mix. Otherwise NO daily, NO gluten, NO sugar, NO soy, NO Alcohol.

I feel absolutely amazing, look better than I have in years, and my performance is getting better and feeling effortless, and my recovery is improving. Although 90 days was a long stretch, the results have been so outstanding that I am going to strive to keep the NO daily, NO gluten, NO sugar, NO soy, NO Alcohol going.

The hardest part moving forward is going to be figuring out how much balance and leeway to give myself. My current thoughts are to allow 2-3 indulging meals each month from the sugar, soy, or alcohol group.

I highly suggest if anyone is planning on taking the challenge to become a more healthy version of yourself to share your journey, get as many supporters as you can onboard, and trust the process.The above program does not have to be copied to see change, the purpose was to show what worked for me, how long it takes to make change, prove that it is doable, and showcase the physical, mental, and emotional results. If you need help getting started, please email [email protected]