6 week program

If you feel like you have room for improvement in your squat range of motion, this program is for you! It is designed to help loosen and restore full range of motion to tight hips. Hips are one of, if not the most used part of the body in Crossfit. Taking care of them after you workout will make sure you stay injury free and prepping them before you workout will ensure peak performance.

This program has two parts:

  1. Prep
  2.  Mobility.Each should last about 15-20 minutes. Prep should be done before class to prime your hips, get them ready to move, and support load. Mobility should be done after class when you are warm and done with any working out and heavy lifting. The mobility part is designed to loosen up your hips and restore range of motion so you feel good and move better.

This is a 6 week program. When completed in a focused manner this program is intended to improve range of motion in the hips. Your squats should feel deeper and your hips should feel more stable as you progress through this program.

Pre and post test pictures are optimal in order for you to measure your progress through this program. Take pictures in the bottom your squat from the front and side angles, with your feet flat on the ground. You will compare these at the end to see the progress you have made in your hip mobility.




This section is intended to be done Pre-Class and should take 10-15 minutes. Click the links below for a walk through on the points of performance expected for each movement:

  1. Lizard Complex
    – Middle Lizard (both hands on ground, hip to ground) – hold for 60 seconds per side
    – Rotated Lizard (rotate towards foot with belly button to foot) – hold for 60 seconds per side
  2. Internal Rotation Stretch
    All fours knee in line with belly button, rotate foot out, push foot further with other leg – hold for 60 seconds per side
  3. Banded 90/90 stretch
    Use yoga blocks as needed to get into the most optimal position – hold for 60 seconds per side
  4. Banded Hip Complex
    – Knee hugs – 60 seconds total per side (inside, middle and outside)
    – Hamstring stretch (flex quads) – 15 extensions total per side (inside, middle and outside)
  5. Quadruped Hip Circles
    6 slow passes per side (forward and back)

This section is intended to be done POST CLASS.

  1. Upper glute and TFL roll out w/ lax ball
    Laying on your side, grab a lacrosse ball and trace under the hip bone from your tailbone all the way to the side of your hip. When you find a spot that feels tight, breath and slowly bring the knee to the chest and back out. Work for 90 seconds per side.


  1. Pigeon stretch
    Place a yoga block or ab mat under front side hip in order to square hips to the front. Hold for 2 minutes per side.

  1. Three minute squat mobility
    Accumulate 3 mins in a squat. Hold a pole if needed. Shift from side to side. Open up hips and ankles. Rotate side to side and have fun. Not 3 minutes straight, take breaks if needed.

  1. One to one hip mobilization
    Spend one minute at each station per leg (8 minutes total). The first station will focus on the hip flexors. The second station will focus on the quad. (Click link to see video ^)

Station 1
– One minute: Foam roll hip flexors
– One minute: Lizard couch stretch (Hip to ground, Butt squeezed)

Station 2
– One minute: Quad roll (inside, middle and outside)
– One minute: Couch stretch (chest tall, Butt squeezed)

If time is a factor consider doing the pre class work 1-2 days a week before your workout then different days 1-2 times per week complete the post workout work. If you have any questions please ask your coach!