Building a New Habit

3 Keys to Building a New Healthy Habit

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.” – Aristotle

We all have areas of our lives we want to work on, visions of a healthier happier version of ourselves. Yet, unfortunately many of our goals and aspirations don’t make it past the vision stage. Why do you think this is? In my opinion one of the main reasons so many of us fail to take our goals from the vision/planning stages to a successful outcome can be summed up with one word: Habit.

In order to make a long term healthy lifestyle change we have to make a our new lifestyle choice a daily part of our routine until it becomes something we do without to much heartache. Habit forming can be a tricky skill to develop so here are 3 tips on how to successfully build healthy habits into your life.

1) Begin With an End in Mind
The goal with building new healthy habits into our daily lives is generally centered around a desired outcome. For example, if we are looking to improve our body composition than a great daily routine to develop is tracking the quantity/quality of the food we are consuming. The habit should be rooted in a goal or a purpose not just there for the sake of doing it. Bonus points if the goal or purpose has a strong meaningful “why” behind it!

2) Put a Non-Negotiable Time Frame in Place
The first few weeks of implementing a new habit can be very challenging and are the most critical in solidifying your new routine. This is when you and your body are adapting. Adaptation is not always comfortable but in order to see positive results we need to stick it out and put in the work. This is why I recommend putting a non-negotiable time frame on your new habit. Commit to yourself that no matter the ups and downs, you will stick with it for two weeks. Depending on the goal the timeframe may need to be longer but with any new habit I recommend no less than two weeks before reevaluating.

3) The Goal is Consistency Not Perfection
How many times have we all heard someone say “Well I was doing great with my food but I slipped up so I just went off the deep end the rest of the week.” Mistakes happen, no one is perfect, but you don’t have to give up entirely on your goals for one little slip up. Instead, focus on all the positive momentum you have built and get right back at it. Habits are built over time so if we can be consistent, it will all come together as long as we keep putting the work in.