Get Back On Track

Plateau. Not the geographical region, but that state of little or no change after a period of progress that no one likes talking about. Follow these 3 easy steps to get back on the upward climb:


Move in new and different ways!
In the beginning . . . I bet you saw some results!
When you started your new fitness plan, did you come up with a routine to do every day? Some days, did you work on upper body while other days you worked out your lower body and maybe you threw in some core here and there?

What about now?
Have the results slowed or even STOPPED?

Your body needs change to cope with what you were throwing at it. The old routine just isn’t challenging enough anymore. That body of yours has learned to work with what it’s got to do those same movements; it’s very smart. . .

Now what?
If the crossfit style of training is new to you, then welcome! The workouts are going to keep you on your toes, you never know what is going to be thrown at you (unless of course, you look ahead at the workout online). Your whole body will be tested day in and day out. Remember your body is smart, the variety of movements, loads, and intensities will make it very hard for your body to catch on and plateau again.

  1. FUEL

Eat good foods.
With the new fitness routine came the new diet. When most people set out to lose weight they set up their routine of exercising more and eating less. This will definitely work… for a bit. Keep in mind that your body needs fuel to work and that fuel needs to come in through good sources and in an amount that can support what you are doing.
Good proteins, carbs, and fats help the body most and depending on what your body uses for energy, you (or we) can calculate out how much of each you should be eating per day.

You wouldn’t fill up your car’s gas tank halfway knowing you need an entire tank to get to your destination. That’s just silly. So why would you only fill your body’s tank halfway to complete a grueling day’s workout? Your body needs food, go and eat the good stuff!


Become a part of a team/family.
Let’s face it, if you do not enjoy what you are doing or who you are doing it with, then it will not last. . . Period!

Being healthy should be FUN and you should learn a thing or two along the way. The community is behind you 110% – they make the workouts fun, the ask questions when you don’t show up, and will push you while supporting all you do.

Quite possibly my favorite aspect of our gym is that you’re never alone. You have a bunch of people with you working towards their goals as well. Whether they be the same goals or something different, you have a purpose. And more importantly, you have a friend to lean on when things get tough.