The DFM Lifestyle

In today’s society most of what we are convinced we need, to provide us with some long term return on our investments (i.e: peace and happiness), is actually all stuff that Doesn’t Fundamentally Matter, or DFM for short.

Fancy cars, more money, fame, winning, a hotter husband, a hotter wife, a larger house, the newest gadgets, expensive workout gear, or five more pounds on your back squat personal record; these are all things that in fact don’t fundamentally matter.

It is completely okay to want them, but we have to differentiate between our wants and our needs, as we don’t need any of these things to function. In life we only have six fundamental human needs; air, water, food, shelter, health/wellness, and love. And if all of our needs are met (which is likely the case in our society) then we truly have nothing to worry about. We can sit back, take a deep breath, be present, and enjoy living.

Now this is not a declaration to live the life of a monk, or an attempt to discourage you from indulging in the wants of life, but rather just the offering of a new perspective, through which we can begin to differentiate what does or doesn’t fundamentally matter. Once we start to see the difference, we can free the resources of our mind and brain to entertain our wants knowing full well our needs are met.

So ask out that girl/guy, rock a crazy new outfit, throw on five more pounds for a personal record attempt, and make a complete fool of yourself in public; what’s the worst that could happen? They turn you down, you get a few strange looks, you fail the lift, and strangers you’ll likely never see again laugh at you? The beauty of this is that none of it fundamentally matters.

The DFM lifestyle ultimately allows us the freedom to play in this game we call life with a little less fear and a little less worry. And you never know, he/she may actually say “yes” or you may actually hit that big time personal record.

If your interested in learning more about the DFM mindset, check out the link below.

Pathwaves is a neurofeedback brain training and wellness facility in Miami, Florida that has developed the DFM-CBT (Doesn’t Fundamentally Matter-Cognitive Behavioral Therapy).