The 5 steps to be ready for your first competition

What to eat the week prior

  1. The less change the better

3 days out – 48-72 hours are necessary to properly fuel and hydrate. Stock carbohydrate stores (increase glycogen)
WATER: need water to store glycogen
FATS & PROTEINS: reduce the amount of fats and proteins and re-direct them to carbohydrate sources.

2 days out:
CARBS: higher in good carbs and low in fat (1:3 or 2:3 protein: carb ratio) so that glycogen storage can occur (sweet potato, white jasmine rice, cream of rice, & baby foods bc of their high digestibility)
FATS: do not deplete fats or fruits, just choose easier to digest versions: Almond butter over almonds.
FRUITS: Whole fruits are high in fiber and a digestive stall, choose baby foods, watermelon or bananas over whole fruits.

Night Before:
HIGH CARB meal with a minimal amount of protein to slow the insulin response
Ex: Yam, Redskin Potato, Cream of rice. (Goal is to have the carbs carry over into the morning)

  1. What to eat the day of the competition
    Easily digested foods (digestion = energy)
    – Baby foods, applesauce
    – Low food volume, high nutrient density

Eat 1.5 hours before the competition
– Should be high in carbohydrates and water
– Boiled Egg Whites, plain chicken breast, sweet potato baby food, banana baby food, cream of rice, etc. . .

Post WOD recovery:
– Low volume, easily digestible protein & carbohydrate (little to no fat)
– Larabars, baby food, protein shakes, boiled egg whites, apple sweet potato mash
– HYDRATION: water & BCAA’s all day long!
– Powdered Gatorade pick me up

  1. How to taper (for a Saturday Comp)
    – Begin decreasing the volume 2 -3 days out.
    – Thursday, be cautious of movement that get your overly sore.
    – Friday, get the juices flowing or TAKE OFF (depends on body)
  2. How to warm-up
    Begin 30-40 minutes before your heat CHECK-IN time.
    – General warm-up: Row, Run, Jump Rope, Jumping Jacks (get warm)
    – Joint Mobility: Increase the ROM of tight areas
    – Dynamic: Get the heart pumping (think line drills)
    – Specific: Skill or movement specific for the event
  3. What to pack
    Weather appropriate clothing
    Jump Rope
    Lifting Shoes
    Weight belt
    Wrist Wraps
    etc. . .
    Sunscreen (if outdoors)
    Powdered Gatorade