3 Reasons Why You Should Train with Others

When it comes to training, there is something to be said about the mental fortitude of being able to put in hard work by yourself. But to be honest, there is nothing that compares to being able to workout with your crew.

Read on to find out about three of the many reasons why you should train with others:

  1. Motivation

To put it simply, there is nothing quite like the push at the end of a work out than when it’s neck and neck between you and your training partner(s). There are many points in a workout where I would’ve rested or pulled up off the proverbial gas pedal if it weren’t for one of my best friends pushing me. On a deeper level, my training partners motivate me through the amazing things they do in and out of the gym. To be frank, they motivate to be a better person.

  1. Accountability

Have you ever had those days where the last thing you want to do is train? Or perhaps it’s going to be a workout that we just aren’t looking forward to it? (Assault Bike anyone?)

Well if you’re anything like me, knowing that I have a group of friends planning to train with me is enough to help me break the inertia of staying home. I know in my group, if we don’t show up on time a text, phone call, or social media call out is soon to follow. There’s something rather heartwarming about having a group of people who care enough to reach out at the first sign of a possible no show (even if you really don’t want to ride that assault bike).

3.Building Meaningful Relationships

Above anything else, there are very few means through which you can form bonds similar to those between you and your training partners. To go through a form of hardship, and to expose ourselves in a rather uncommonly vulnerable way, alongside someone else develops relationships that are hard to describe with any other word than “friend.” I referenced it earlier, I used “best friend” instead of “training partner” because, to me, these terms are synonymous. My training partners have seen me at my best and my worst and continue to call me when I’m late for an Assault Bike workout, and as much as I hate that darn bike, that call means the world to me.

So, yes there are some benefits to seeing what you’re made of when no one is looking and pushing through some tough solo training. But I continue to fall back on an old proverb that resonates with me and my own fitness journey; perhaps it will with you:

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”