Let Us Be Your Guide

I get it. By now you’ve tried just about everything under the sun in the fitness world. You’ve bought the DVDs for your living room. You’ve done the cleanse. You’ve yo-yo dieted and you’ve got an iPhone with more unused mobile fitness apps than you know what to do with.

But here you are, reading this post along with a handful of other people.

So what is going to make ‘this time’ different? Why should you go, once again, outside your comfort zone?

The answer – which I’ll be explaining in the post below – is also the missing element to the tools and approaches we listed above that just don’t seem to last.

But after coaching thousands of individuals probably not too different from you, our professional coaching staff got together and we are going to shed some light on six major areas our coaches at LIV Athletic will teach you.


What good is being in the best shape of your life if you’re injured? Sure, maybe you’ve heard or know that functional movements are a lot of fun – but they’re actually the most fun when they’re done right!

Our Professional Coaches hold certifications across the fitness industry spectrum. We’ve been able to take the best coaching cues, form corrections, and injury prevention exercises and make sure they create the basis of what you will do every day.

Keeping you healthy & coming back is an important part of how we help you reach your best life possible!

  1. Nutrition
    You ever hear that saying that you can’t out train a bad diet? Well, it’s true. This is why we focus on helping you find the right combination of nutrition AND training.

See, our workouts are custom designed to help improve your body’s function, and when we sync up the right nutrition and fueling plans for you…the results get turbocharged!
And we have an entire Community of fit people here as proof. Read more HERE.

  1. When to Push, and When to Rest
    Believe it or not, many people that we’ve come across who have fallen short of their goals is because they actually go too hard, too often. Seems counter-intuitive, right? Let me explain.
    Part of our job as professional coaches is to help push you, challenge you, & keep you accountable. This is true on days that you feel great or struggle, but also helps make sure that you get the right amount of rest, recovery, and enjoyment out of your training.

With amazing improvements in your health & fitness, we are big believers in actually using your fitness! While our community does many fun events around our town, it’s also important to get some sunshine and be able to show off your hard work to your friends and family!

  1. Setting Goals
    A Goal without a plan is a wish. From our years coaching individuals just like you, our coaching staff has seen that people who get the most out of our program regularly set, meet, and surpass their goals. Our process starts with having goals that are meaningful to you!

Why are you thinking about stepping into our doors? What does your life look like in 3 months of training with us? These are important areas to help guide your fitness journey with us, as well as make sure that you receive exceptional levels of individual attention in your training!

  1. Someone who has been there & is still ‘In It’
    If our coaching process sounds pretty good already, there’s another important reason for that: We all have coaches too!

We don’t just think that having a coach is a good idea for ‘others’…or that we’re somehow different and don’t struggle with these same areas. We’re in it, every day, lifting, running, sweating, many times right alongside you!

There’s nothing worse than a coach who is caught up in the theory of fitness but you’d cringe to see them do the movements themselves. Not us! We stay on the cutting edge of the fitness landscape because we’re in it with you.

  1. Your Guide On the Journey
    We know where you’ll start because – just like every member of our community – it starts with us meeting, finding out exactly what your personal goals are, and regularly checking in to help adjust that plan as we go on.

You’ll be getting the best attention of personal training, combined with the best parts of a fun & dynamic group class, plus a supportive and positive community.

If one of these 6 areas has got your interest even a little bit, then your next step is to contact us at (352)215-8609 or [email protected] so we can talk for a few minutes and try to see the best way to help you reach your fitness goals. If you have questions, we’ll answer those too!