A 5 step guide for achieving better double unders.


Are you in that icky transition between singles and double unders? Maybe you have a few double unders, but only with singles in-between? Or you can get a few double unders, but the consistency is not there yet.

Have you ever heard this saying:
Insanity: When you keep doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results.

Don’t let Double Unders drive you to Insanity!

Attack them like you do your lifts. When learning how to do a Snatch, we break it down into smaller manageable pieces or drills. These drills reinforce good movement pattern and help us learn each piece of the whole separately so when do try to put it together, our bodies can recognize the individual segments and work towards making our movement more fluid.

Lets do the same for Double Unders:

Step 1:
– Choose the correct size Jump Rope

Step 2:
– Speed Singles with proper jumping technique

Step 3:
– Add a power jump in between speed singles

Step 4:
– Work on wrist speed (without jumping)

Step 5:
– Add double under into Power Jump

Step 6:
– Work on Cadence (Wrists are fast, but jump is a consistent steady pace)

If you have any questions or need help, please as one of your awesome coaches!