Get more bang for your buck

Choosing a gym is like trying to pick the perfect meal from the 20 page Cheesecake Factory menu. The more options, the harder it is to make a decision. Finding a gym is similar, with all of the options out there ranging from in home DVDs, water aerobics, and yoga, to traditional gym going or crossfit I can see how getting started could be daunting.

On top of that, finding someone with lots of free time on their hand is like finding a needle in a needle stack these days. Our culture likes to make sure we pack the day full with as many things as possible so ‘finding time’ to go to the gym may seem impossible to many, but what if I told you there was a way . . .

Here are a few reasons to scrap the traditional gym / globo gym model in favor of a crossfit style gym:

  1. Machines
    When you walk into Planet Fitness or Gainesville Health & Fitness and take a look around, machines are EVERYWHERE. For someone who hasn’t studied exercise you may feel as if you walked into a Chemistry Lab without any knowledge of how to operate any of the machinery. This is understandably daunting, and when used improperly can create more harm than good.

When you walk into a crossfit gym, YOU are the machine. The gym is wide open to allow movement. Sure they use equipment, but you are the one in control of moving it (with the supervision of a coach).

  1. Culture
    The traditional gym has so many great amenities – sauna, smoothie bar, locker rooms, pool, etc. But, what about those amenities are going to encourage you, hold you accountable, and make you a better person inside as well as outside?

At a crossfit gym, many come for the workouts, but stay for the people. The culture is unlike nothing else. You will learn something new every day, the coaches and other athletes with motivate you as well as hold you accountable to your goals whether it is showing up or working on a skill. People genuinely want you to do and be better, not just during the 1 hour class, but in life too.

  1. Time
    Have you ever been to the traditional gym and when you left looked at the clock and couldn’t believe you were in there for 2 hours, but felt like you didn’t accomplish much? Training one muscle group at a time is necessary at times, but can take forever.

When training at a crossfit style gym, you will be in and out in 1 hour. Each hour is jam packed with a warm-up, instruction on the movements for the day, the workout, and a cool down stretch at the end. Since you are the machine, crossfit is able to tackle multiple muscle groups and metabolic pathways at the same time.
For Example: Instead of doing some squats (30 min), bench press (20 min), and 30 minutes on the treadmill you can do a simple interval workout to get the heart rate up while tackling the legs and chest: EMOM (Every minute on the minute) for 10 minutes complete 5 Thrusters & 3 Burpees.

  1. Program Development
    Unless you have secured yourself a personal trainer to work with you every single time you are working out, odd are you are doing your own thing. In the beginning, it may be exciting, but in order to see results you will have to know what movements to do, how many reps, when to switch it up, how to properly do the lifts, and hold yourself accountable to showing up and not leaving too soon.

Each program level in crossfit is developed with a goal in mind – fat loss, muscle gain, performance. All you have to do is show up to your program committed to working hard, that’s it.

  1. Supervision
    Without a personal training or specific training in exercise science going to the gym without a plan you may be spinning your wheels. Sure moving is better than not moving, but if you are putting in the time, you better make sure the work you are doing is going to keep you injury free and on the path towards your goals.

Every single crossfit class is instructed by a certified coach. They will not only tell you what is on the agenda for the day, but they will teach you how to do each movement, and give you feedback throughout with hour to make sure you are lifting safely and properly.