The Real Question Is: Why Not?

Throughout the year various big time competitions host online qualifiers. Wodapalooza, Granite Games, and Crush Games to name a few. At face value these qualifiers serve to allow a competition to have people qualify for the limited spots available in their event.

Aside from the “qualifying” portion of the qualifier if we approach these events with the right mindset we can get a lot of benefit out of them, even if we never plan to do the actual competition. The best example I can give you is the CrossFit Open. The biggest event of the year in CrossFit is in fact nothing more than a giant online qualifier.

How come close to 400,000 people participate in something where only a fraction of a percent of people will move on to the next phase of competition?

Because, sometimes it’s about much more than the big competition. Below are three reasons why I think everyone should participate in online qualifiers whether your goal is to qualify for the next phase of competition or not.

  1. Community
    In most everything we do in the CrossFit world it’s the community aspect that sets the experience above the rest. So why should an online qualifier be any different? Online qualifiers provide a great opportunity to get your crew together to throw down. Sure, you could set up your iPhone, record your workout by yourself, and be done with it. But why waste an opportunity to have a blast getting your fitness on with your friends? You could even make a day of it, and go chow down together on some post workout lunch.
  2. Check Your Progress
    Since the goal of a qualifier is to get a well rounded view of an athlete’s abilities, most of the workouts tend to be good measures of progress. Often times you might even see a benchmark workout, a max lift, or a max effort skill programmed. Participating in a qualifier gives you the chance to compare yourself against your peers and more importantly against your own personal bests.
  3. Push Yourself to New Limits
    So you have your community behind you and a workout specifically designed to test your potential. Sounds like a great time to test your limits to me! Sometimes the right environment and the right workout is all we need to break through that plateau, hit a new PR, or maybe even do something you never knew you were capable of.

So grab some friends, challenge yourself, and take your athletic abilities to new heights! At the end of the day it doesn’t matter whether you “qualify” or not. If you have fun and get in a good workout with some good people I’d say it was well worth it!