Family Fitness

Alrighty families. It’s time for some good ole fashioned sweaty good times. Let’s see if your family has what it takes to get through these workouts. BONUS points if you smile!

This will get your heart pumping and you’ll need to push. You have a minute rest built in to every round so let’s push while we’re moving, always going for the full 20 seconds!

Family Workout #1: Sweat Intervals

The Workout: 5 Rounds
20 seconds lateral shuffle
20 seconds mountain climbers
20 seconds jump squats
1 minute rest

Set up an open space that’s about 20 yards long and 20 yards wide. You want to have an area that everyone can move in a straight line back and forth as well as have space for other movements.
Put markers at each end so you know where to go to
You’ll need a timer.

– Lateral Shuffle: Every time you reach a marker = 1
– Mountain Climbers: Every time your feet switch = 1
– Jump Squats: Every time you squat and jump into the air = 1
– Add up all of the numbers (for each movement) in order to have 1 giant number at the end of the round.
– Try to match (or beat) your previous rounds.


Make it interesting
As your endurance increases/efficiency improves, add difficulty by doing one or more of the following:
– Increase the number of rounds

– Increase the amount of time devoted to each movement
– Decrease the rest time in between rounds

Exercise should be at least a little fun. Why else would we want to do? I mean, besides the whole staying healthy aspect. Let loose your wild side and be goofy, that’s what family time is for, right?

Family Workout #2: Animal Farm

The Workout: 5 Rounds
Animal walk 20 yards
Complete 20 of an exercise
Animal walk back
* Repeat 4 more times with a new walk and new exercise each round


Animal Walks
Bear Crawl
Duck Walk
Crab Walk
Bunny Hop
Frog Jump
Gorilla Walk

Jumping jacks
Mountain climbers
Leg Lifts
Russian Twists

Set up your cones (or some other sort of markers) 20 yards apart from each other.
Clear the ground of anything that could hurt if you stepped on it barefoot/bare-handed.
Make it Interesting

Turn it into a relay race! Break up into teams and cheer each other on. Teammates must high five tag before the other heads out onto the course.

Do you have stairs/steps/boxes at home? Can we jump up or step up on them? Or how about a pool? If you have answered “Yes” to both of these questions (or that last one), then let’s give this a go! (Check out the “Make it Interesting” section for you pool goers!)

Family Workout #3: Up & Down the Ladder

The Workout
Round 1: 1 stair/step/box jump OR step-up per leg + 1 burpee
Round 2: 2 stair/step/box jumps OR step-ups per leg + 2 burpees
Round 3: 3 stair/step/box jumps OR step-ups + 3 burpees

Round 10: 10 stair/step/box jumps OR step-ups per leg + 10 burpees
Round 11: 9 stair/step/box jumps OR step-ups per leg + 9 burpees
Round 12: 8 stair/step/box jumps OR step-ups per leg + 8 burpees

For every round you do (up to 10) you will add 1 stair/step/box jump OR step-up per leg and 1 burpee. On the 11th round you will go back down the ladder, subtracting one rep per movement.

– Make sure whatever we are jumping or stepping up onto is clear of objects and is a flat surface. We don’t want any wobbly stairs or boxes.
– Make sure the area we’re laying down on for our burpees is also clear of objects. No one wants to fall onto a toy truck or jump onto a cell phone.
– Grab a timer.

The time it takes you to finish is your score.

Make it Interesting
Take it pool-side!
The movements are different (we don’t want slipping). Instead, we’ll do squats and cannonballs. You’ll have to get out of that pool fast!
Round 1: 1 squat + 1 cannonball
Round 2: 2 squats + 2 cannonballs

Round 10: 10 squats + 10 cannonballs
Round 11: 9 squats + 9 cannonballs

Want more ideas? Come on out to LIV Athletic on Saturday mornings at 9:00am! Parents can get their work done in our Health Crossfit class while the kiddos challenge their limits in the LIV Kids class.