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The "Kip" is a very important movement in crossfit. It allows an athlete to add intensity, speed, and volume to their workouts buy adding a powerful component . . . your hips!

In order to prevent injury, before incorporating a kip, it is best to have enough strength in the shoulders/upper body to complete the same movements you intend to kip, but strict. For Example: strict pull-up before kipping.

When and Where?
Saturday, August 13th at LIV Athletic

Who’s coaching it?
Coach Stephanie

Who should come?
This class is for beginner to intermediate athletes who:

A. Can do strict pullups, but need to learn how to kip
B. Those that can get 1 maybe 2 kipping pull-ups at a time, but struggle connceting more
C. Anyone who wants to learn a pull-up and can preform a hanging scap retract for 30-45 seconds

What should I bring?
We will be on the pull-up bars for the entire hour so make sure you bring tape, grips, or gloves. Consider doing some hand maintenance leading up the the event as well.

What is the goal of the clinic?
The goal for the clinic is for everyone to leave with a solid kip foundation as well as an understand of where they currently are in the kip progression. At the end of the clinic, everyone will go home with a kip progression to continue working on their skill. Every variation of the "kip" is based on one swing. Everyone will leave with a handle on the basic kip, and how to adjust their kip based on the movement at hand. Example: How the toes to bar kip differs from a knees to elbow or pull up kip.

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Stephanie McCarthy

Stephanie McCarthy

Stephanie's career in fitness started almost a decade ago after graduating with a degree in Applied Physiology and Kinesiology from the University of Florida. Over the years she's gained invaluable experience as a business owner and dedicated coach to hundreds of athletes. CrossFit has given her the opportunity to compete with incredible athletes around the country at the Regional and Games level.


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