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Conquer Your CrossFit Gymnastics Skills

I've always found CrossFit Gymnastics movements a blast to perform in class and in competition. There's something about conquering the combination of body awareness, strength, and skill that creates that feeling of pride.   

We created the Gymnastics Camp to help more athletes achieve this level of accomplishment in their training and feel the excitement of mastering their body weight skills.  

Gymnastics Camp Bundle

What  is  Gymnastics  Camp

A 5 part technique, strength, and accessory work series for athletes that want to improve their Rope Climb, Handstand Push-ups, Handstand Walk, Double Unders, and Consecutive Pull-ups.

When  it's  happening

Start Date: December 1st
End Date: December 29th
Days: Every Tuesday Night
Time: 7:30 PM to 8:30 PM 

How  it  works

Coaching- You need feedback to make real change.  With our professional coaching experience you can make rapid changes in your skills.

Fundamentals - Learn the terminology and positions that will help you understand each skill fully.

Skill Development - We'll breakdown each skill inside and out.  Our coaches will help you find the right progressions to build you up step by step. 

Programming - This isn't your average seminar.  You'll walk away with weeks worth of professionally designed training protocols that will help you gain the strength and confidence to reach new performance levels.

Bonus  materials  included



Step by Step


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Are  you  Ready  to  go  all  in?

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Chris Thorndike

Chris Thorndike

Growing up with a passion for all things sports, Chris has been surrounded by training, competition, and teamwork since an early age. In 2008, Chris co-founded CrossFit Gainesville, where he combined his passion for business and strength and conditioning. Chris is a CrossFit Level 2 and USAW Sports Performance Coach with a passion for helping people succeed in fitness.

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