FitCamp 2.0 is Coming!

Enrollment Day Starts October, 5th!

Coaching FitCamp is always such an awesome experience.

FitCamp is a home for individuals beginning their fitness journey, teenagers, postpartum mothers, parents, and grandparents. Though their age and fitness backgrounds may vary, they all have one thing in common, they know its time to GET HEALTHY!

Many FitCamp participants walk into their first class nervous and self-conscious of their fitness and ability to complete the workouts. Our welcoming and open environment helps to relax our participants by taking the time to get to know each other and engaging in group conversations before workouts.

Each class begins with a 5-10 minute discussion of lifestyle, nutrition, or fitness topics. It's rewarding to see the changes that our FitCamp athletes experience be reflected in our group discussions.

Each FitCamp starts and ends with some tests to measure each participant's progress throughout FitCamp. In our last FitCamp, my athletes blew me away with some incredibly inspiring results.

Here are some results experienced by our participants:

Class Averages:

-One minute squat test improved by six squats
-One minute push-up test increased by 15 push-ups
-Baseline workout time improved by 3:35

Accumulative Results:

-14.5 inches lost around the waist
-26.6 pounds of muscle gained
-19.9% body fat reduction

I cannot wait to meet my next class of FitCamp participants and see what amazing results they are capable of accomplishing!

Our next FitCamp begins on Monday, October 5th. Please share our FitCamp with your friends and family or register yourself at

Coach Stephanie

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