5 Proven Ways To Add More Energy To Your Workouts!

Have you ever noticed that in some training sessions you feel stronger or more energized than in others?

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Have you ever noticed that in some training sessions you feel stronger or more energized than in others? There are several methods for adding instant energy before your next big lift or workout.

Never perform a workout on low energy again when you use these proven methods...

  1. Music- This is the most popular. Hard pounding bass with up beat tempos is a common request, but music stimulation is unique to each person. Find what amps you up and stick with it. It's also one of the easiest methods to change the energy with a simple change of a song.

  2. Atmosphere- High fives, joking, encouragement contribute to getting more psyched up. Look for these before an important lift or at the start of a workout. Also, common practice post workout to see these things, but it's too late to utilize the energy if these only come after the session or lift.

  3. Anger- Although likely will have mixed feelings for use. It's been used for years by athletes to provoke and stimulate energy. Thinking of an image or situation prior to your lift/set that brings these feelings could elevate your energy.

  4. Positive Self Talk- "I've got this", "I'm ready", "I can do this". Going into an exercise or lift with optimism can remove doubt and fear. Adding in excitement and energy to start with confidence. Repeating this throughout mid workout can also add energy.

  5. Visualization- Seeing yourself completing the workout or movement before it happens. This may be something you're doing all ready but not conscious of. Think about your warm-up sets as foreshadowing the positions, thoughts, and actions that will happen at the time of your goal lift or during your workout.

Next time you're feeling sluggish or want a way to psych yourself up with more energy try these before your next set or workout.

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