Kipping Pull-ups

Take your singles to doubles and doubles to triples

kpping pullup

Learning how to do pull-ups has a lot of milestones and road blocks. The first challenge is gaining the strength to complete a strict pull-up. Then learning the skills to complete a kipping pull-up. Next comes the ability to sting those pull-ups together. Once you have completed your first few kipping pull-ups, here is an accessory program to help you start stringing them together. 

One time per week, complete one level at a time and do not move on until you complete the full progression level with impeccable form.

Screen Shot 2017 09 15 at 9.28.30 AM

Once you have completed level 10 of the progression you should have the pullup skill, capacity, and endurance to feel confident in your kipping pull-up workouts! 

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Stephanie McCarthy

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