Stephanie McCarthy

Director of Operations

Stephanie McCarthy

Fitness has always been a huge part of my life from an early age. Gymnastics was my first love because of what the coaching and sport taught me – personal accountability, morals, team camaraderie, long practices, hard work, and the mental and physical challenge associated with learning and failing. Those qualities stuck with me throughout my life, and until I found CrossFit, I felt like something was missing.

My dedication to my training brings me great satisfaction because it pushes me to get better at the sport of CrossFit. My clients and fellow athletes are what give my work meaning and why I love being both an athlete and coach.

My career started almost a decade ago in fitness and over the years I've gained experience as a business owner and dedicated coach to hundreds of clients. With my experience in coordinating fitness events, workout program design, and having bought and sold a business, I feel ready for the next chapter of my journey. I'm excited to share the joy and connections that LIV Athletic will bring to the people in my life because it embodies so much of my passion and love for lifestyle, health, and fitness.

Certification and Education

  • B.S. in Applied Physiology & Kinesiology - University of Florida
  • Owner of Hard Exercise Works PBG (Event Coordinator & Programmer for Franchise HQ)
  • CrossFit Level 2
  • USAW Sports Performance Certification – Bob Takano
  • Gymnastics Freestyle – Carl Paoli
  • CrossFit Movement & Mobility – Kelly Starret

Athletic Coaching Achievements

  • Competitive Gymnast for 10 years
  • 2008 Europa Bodybuilding – Fitness Division
  • 2011 CrossFit Regionals – Team (10th)
  • 2012 CrossFit Regionals – Team (3rd)
  • 2012 CrossFit Games – Team (19th)
  • 2013 CrossFit Regionals – Individual (16th)
  • 2014 CrossFit Regionals – Team (4th)

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