Chris Thorndike

Executive Director

Chris Thorndike

Growing up with a passion for all things sports, Chris has been surrounded by training, competition, and teamwork since the age of 4. From the start of his athletic career, the excitement of pushing himself to new levels of performance was most rewarding.His experience with competitive travel soccer, youth football, baseball, basketball, high school wrestling and golf fueled a similar drive in life. Chris attended the University of Florida where he studied Business Management and Real Estate. Upon graduation, Chris co-founded CrossFit Gainesville with his brother Chip in 2008, where he paired his passion for business with helping people achieve life changing strength and conditioning results. 

In 2014, Chris and his Fiance' Stephanie McCarthy formed LIV Athletic to build active and socially connect lives through a family of training facilities.

Chris is the co-owner of Factory Forged, an online business school and consulting company that helps train small business owners on how to build and develop their own business dreams.

Chris is also passionate about Youth Combine, a non-profit organization with a mission to provide effective youth fitness programs to kids at little to no cost to their families.  He has been a proud member of their board of directors since it's formation in 2012, which has helped over 800 kids participate in their youth programs.

Certification and Education

  • B.S. Business Management- University of Florida
  • CrossFit Level 2
  • USAW Level 2 Advanced Sport Performance Certification (Danny Camargo)
  • CrossFit Movement & Mobility (Kelly Starrett)
  • OPT CCP Level 1 Coach (Program Design and Assessment)
  • CrossFit Nutrition Certificate (Robb Wolf)
  • Gymnastics Free Style (Carl Paoli)

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