Alex Henderson

Director of Sweat and Membership Enrollment

Alex Henderson

I grew up playing a mix of sports, soccer, flag football, hide-and-seek, and running track being my favorites. Growing up in a family as big as mine, yes, hide-and-seek is a sport. The perfect spot being one where you're hidden and, helpful hint, able to escape in multiple directions, amongst other things. I can't reveal all of my secrets. I loved playing sweeper, running back, wide receiver, safety, and running hurdles otherwise.

I continued to run around in college at the University of Florida where I majored in applied physiology and kinesiology with a specialization in exercise physiology. My favorite classes being sport psychology and physical fitness assessment and exercise prescription. Basically, I loved learning the different theories behind people doing physical activity as well as the tests you can perform in order to gauge a person's health and fitness.
Before coming to LIV Athletic, I was the Field Operations Director for Youth Combine, a non-profit youth fitness organization in the city, doing everything from head coaching to event planning. Working with those kids for five years will forever be one of my favorite periods in life.
I'm also incredibly excited to be working here at LIV. The community is absolutely amazing! Nothing less than a family, honestly. This is where I can wear my all orange/pink outfits, pop bubble wrap, use the agility ladder, run around, talk loudly, and hang out with some of the greatest people.

Certification and Education

  • Bachelors of Science in Applied Physiology and Kinesiology with a specialization in Exercise Physiology from the University of Florida
  • Professional Coach Development Course
  • Youth Development Empowerment Certification 

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