Alex Henderson

Director of Sweat and Membership Enrollment

Alex Henderson

Alex grew up playing a mix of sports, soccer, flag football, hide-and-seek, and running track (hurdles being her favorite), and attended the University of Florida where she received a degree in applied physiology and kinesiology with a specialization in exercise physiology.

Before coming to LIV Athletic, Alex was the Field Operations Director for Youth Combine, a non-profit youth fitness organization in Gainesville, doing everything from head coaching to event planning.
Alex has the ability to brighten your day from the moment she answers a phone or sees you in person. She brings a whole new level of fun to our community. Through her education, through coaching, and all around barrel of laughs, her Sweat classes will leave you feeling strong and sweaty with a big ole’ smile on your face.


Certification and Education

  • Bachelors of Science in Applied Physiology and Kinesiology with a specialization in Exercise Physiology from the University of Florida

  • Professional Coach Development Course

  • CrossFit Level 1 Trainer

  • Youth Development Empowerment Certification 

Mission Statement

LIV Athletic inspires people to live active and socially connected lives.


About Us

LIV Athletic is a lifestyle that we embody for ourselves and for our members. It represents a balanced approach to health, fitness, goals, and personal and family life. We started as Gainesville's first CrossFit training facility in 2008 and have expanded our programs and services to help more people find happiness through an active lifestyle. In 2015 we continued the next step in our business development and introduced LIV Athletic, parent company to our successful CrossFit Gainesville community. With LIV we are able to meet our members with programing and classes no matter where they are at in their fitness journey. Today we are proud to offer five programs: Youth Combine, FitCamp, Sweat, CrossFit, and Personal Training!



  • Personalized Programs are more effective for achieving results 
  • Everyone Is An Athlete they come in all sizes, ages, and abilities
  • Results take a full commitment in and out of the gym
  • Our Assessments guarantee your training program aligns with your goals and interests
  • Health And Fitness is a journey that you choose to begin 
  • Investing In Continuing Education allows our staff to give the best return to our members


LIV Athletic features 3 training facilities to best meet the needs of our clients: CrossFit, Sweat, and Personal Training. With over 5,000 square feet of workout space, each training floor is uniquely designed to meet the needs of each program. We have spared no expense at creating a custom, results driven, and resourceful space for our members.

The CrossFit floor is modeled after the traditional Box with professional olympic lifting equipment, pull-up bars, muscle-up rings, ropes and other primary CrossFit tools. The open floor plan allows each athlete to safely execute skill movements, group WODs, and much more.

Our Personal Training floor is designed to bring the coach and athlete together with every resource they may need. With professional Rogue gear, wall balls, bands, and everything in between, your coach has all of the tools necessary to create a custom training experience for each member.

The Sweat floor is set up to meet the needs of our Sweat and FitCamp members. Group classes can enjoy the open floor plan, pull-up bars, dumbbells, plyo-boxes, and all of the other equipment that helps you get your sweat on!

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